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Mazur Cafe & Chocolate is passionate about creating exceptional small-batch single-origin chocolate bars using beans sourced from reputable farmers all over the world. We make our chocolate by hand, right here at our Chocolate Lab in Hackettstown, NJ. It all started with a simple question: "How is chocolate made?" That question sparked an adventure, where we learned about processing and handling, and gained an appreciation for the quality of our ingredients. We believe that we are what we eat, and that's why we carefully selected global suppliers who provide high-quality ingredients and follow sustainable growing practices. We maintain strong relationships with our growers and their teams to ensure that their plants and people are treated ethically. Our production equation is straightforward: we start with quality-grown cocoa beans, add a limited number of organic ingredients, mix it with a lot of love, and end up with a superior chocolate bar that you can feel good about eating.

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